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Welcome to Real Estate E-School!

We get that your busy and that you may not want to go to school, but since you must to get or keep your license, you may as well get the best bang for your time and money. We did all the work for you upfront, by finding the best online learning communities. But we went even further! We offer you other training and content that are beyond just online required licensing courses.

So who is Real Estate E- School for?

If you’re the type who prefers to take a class in your pajamas and hasn’t owned a pencil in years, online courses were made for you.

After years of research, taking hundreds of hours of courses, and taking informal surveys, we found the top providers in the business.


When you think online real estate education you have to go with the proven industry leader Real Estate Express (now a McKissock Company). Eight times out of 10 — maybe more — if you ask a real estate agent, mortgage lender, home inspector, etc about the best online CE classes only a few companies consistently come up.

Ranked #1 among Real Estate Professionals nation wide,  Real Estate Express provides more than 700,000 classes a year across their platform.


Next up in our All-Star Continuing Education for Real Estate professionals is a up and coming company VanEd. The CE provider offers national courses for Real Estate Licensing, CE and Professional Development designed specifically to help today’s real estate and appraisal professionals excel. More hours per course, instant grading and reporting of completion are what students rave about.


When it comes to Mortgage pre-licensing and continuing Education, we searched high and low to find companies that were as comprehensive and had a high customer satisfaction rate as MortgageEducation.com… but we couldn’t.

MortgageEducation.com has been an industry leading provider of education compliance courses for almost 15 years. They provide online courses for thousands of mortgage professionals with a consistent customer satisfaction rating of over 95%.

We ranked them highly because all of these online real estate course providers provide interactivity in every online real estate course in form of quizzes, exams, and unique interactive exercises to enjoy, engage, and educate. These activities reinforce your knowledge, let you practice specific skills, and help to make real estate courses Fun!

Why Real Estate E- School?

  • Courses offered in 50 States and District of Columbia in one place
  • Relevant, mobile-friendly online courses in two clicks
  • Flexible delivery, including an MP3 audio options
  • Course Reporting within two business days or less
  • New courses
  • No hidden fees
  • Great online and offline Support
Real Estate E-School