Mortgage Education Courses

We have partnered with Mortgage Education to provide the highest quality mortgage education online available. Their offerings include nationwide NMLS-approved education (NMLS Provider ID: 1400051), preparation for NMLS pre-licensure exams and corporate compliance training.   Their comprehensive training solution includes providing all required NMLS-approved courses in all formats along with a robust system for tracking student progress and retaining completion records. is one of the few innovative providers who began offering online mortgage education nearly 15 years ago. We provide education for thousands of companies and individuals with a consistent customer satisfaction rate of near 100%.

Pre-Licensure Education (PE)
For PE, we offer Online and Webinar Courses.  We have a “modular” format where the 20 hour requirement consists of 6 courses.  You can start any course at any scheduled time. This means you can finish in as little as 3 days or spread out your time over a month or more.

The Online Instructor-Led (OIL) Format
The NMLS requires all providers to offer online PE courses in the OIL format.  OIL courses have scheduled start and end times based on the number of hours in the course.  This format includes reading, questions, case study activities and a final exam where an instructor interacts with you during the course through forums.

Continuing Education (CE)
For CE, we offer Online Self-Study (OSS) and Webinar courses. OSS courses are available to take at your own pace at any time from anywhere.   The Webinars are similar to our PE Webinars.