Becoming a Real Estate Agent is easier than you think .The 6 simple steps to get your real estate career launched in as little as 30 days.
There is a good chance that you have found most of the real estate licensing information online to lack, well, any substance. We have seen a lot of excuse my French CRAP out there and the majority of those so called Gurus have never spent a single day working in the real estate industry. The information below is different, it was designed to provide you with a solid foundation that is sure to help you get your real estate license in less time and with much less hassle than you ever thought possible.

The simple truth is, becoming a real estate agent is actually pretty easy for the majority of people out there. Aside from that, it is also an excellent career, especially for those of you that are “natural” people persons. Now that doesn’t go to say that finding success is a sure thing. Being successful in this industry requires a bit of smart work and focus, but it can be done.

However, before success, you must obtain a real estate license. Without a license you will be breaking the law. Every state requires practicing real estate agents to hold an active license. In order to obtain an active license, you must meet a series of requirements that are issued by each state.
I have gone ahead and included all of the general requirements for getting your license below for most states. You should use these as a guideline to work with, but please remember that these may differ from state to state. Check with your local real estate commission to get a current list of licensing requirements before moving ahead.

Here are those requirements:

  1. You may have already guessed this, but in most cases you will be required to be at least eighteen years of age or older. I have even come across a couple of states that required applicants to be twenty-one or older, so please verify to be sure.
  2. Most Real Estate commissions require that you have a sponsoring broker to hold your license. Often the states that require this, will put your license in inactive status until you find a broker to sponsor you. To find out the best real estate companies to hold your license click here.
  3. Typically we find that most states require between forty and fifty clock hours of pre-licensing education. Real estate courses can be quite costly although these must be completed before you will be eligible for your license.
  4. You will typically be required to pay fees for application and licensing, these are usually around fifty dollars but can get significantly hire depending on the state.
  5. A criminal history can often raise red flags during the approval process. Some states will not allow you to obtain a license should you have any prior felony convictions within ten years or so.
  6. Perhaps the most important requirement. You do need to drive or stand in line for hours to get your license. Real Estate License application can typically be downloaded from the Commission website for your state.

As I mentioned above, these are general requirements and you will need to verify these with your state. Once you have completed the above and anything else that may be required, you will be on your way to actively selling real estate in your area. This can happen in as little as 30days!!

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